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GATE ME 2022: Machine Design - 5

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Question 1

Which of the following conditions is true for repeated stress?
1) σm = 0
2) σm = σmax / 2
3) σm = σa
4) σmin = 0
5) σmin = – σmax
6) σa = σmax / 2
where σm = mean stress and σa = stress amplitude

Question 2

In the expression of dynamic load capacity P=XVFr + YFa, V stands for ?

Question 3

Match the following.

List – I
Theories of Failure
1) Rankine’s Theory
2) Guest &Tresca’s Theory
3) Haigh’s Theory
4) St. Venant’s Theory

List – II
 Shape of safe boundaries
A) Hexagon
B) Rhombus
C) Square
D) Ellipse

Question 4

A pulley is keyed to a shaft midway between two anti-friction bearing. The bending moment at the pulley varies from –200 N-mm to 500 N-mm. The frequency of the variation of the loads is the same as the shaft speed. The shaft is made of cold drawn steel having an ultimate strength of 540 MPa, yield strength of 400 MPa, and endurance strength of 270 MPa. The required diameter will be ____(in mm)? (Use  Goodman's equation and  design factor of safety, N = 2.5)

Question 5

A Bearing was used for combined thrust and radial loads at high speed. If the bearing is operating at load of 2kN, has a life of 900 hrs. what will be the life of the bearing if the load is halved ?

Question 6

A motor which uses a power screw mechanism to push load of 75 kN on a horizontal plane. The screw has 5mm pitch and 40mm mean diameter. If the coefficient of friction at screw thread is 0.2. Find the torque required by the motor
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