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GATE ME 2022: Heat Transfer

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Question 1

Temperature profile in case of heat transfer through hollow sphere.

Question 2

A wall of thickness 0.6 m has a normal area 2 m2 and is made up of material of thermal conductivity 0.5 W/mk. The temperature on the two sides are 900 °C and 200 °C what is the thermal resistance of the wall?

Question 3

Heat is lost from a 100 mm diameter steam pipe placed horizontally in ambient air at 300C. If the Nusselt number is 25 and thermal conductivity of air is 0.03 W/m-K, then heat transfer coefficient will be

Question 4

In the laminar flow of air (Pr = 0.7) over a heated plate. if δ and δT denote, respectively, the hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layer thicknesses, then

Question 5

A hot body at a temperature of 5000 °C emits radiation at a wavelength of 0.5 μm. A furnace at 500 °C will emit a radiation of wavelength______.

Question 6

A tubular heat exchanger is to be design for cooling from a temperature of 800C to 300C by a large stagnant water which may be assumed to remain constant at a temperature of 200C. The heat transfer surface consist of 30 m long straight tube of 20 mm inside diameter. The oil (specific gravity =0.8) flows through cylindrical tube with an average velocity of 50 cm/s. The overall heat transfer coefficient is 298.7 W/m20C. The heat transfer through the heat exchanger is _____________ kW.
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