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GATE ME 2022: Engineering Mechanics

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Question 1

The power supplied by a force acting on a particle moving in a straight line is constant. The velocity of a particle varies with displacement as:

Question 2

0.1 kg block is resting on a surface with the coefficient of friction=0.35, a force of 1 N is applied on the block, the friction force will be?

Question 3

If T be the total time of flight of a current of water and H be the maximum height attained by it from the point of projection, then H/T will be - (u = projection velocity, θ = projection angle)

Question 4

The figure shows a pair of pin jointed gripper tongs holding an object weighing 2000 N. the coefficient of friction (Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE ME 18-Mar\GATE-ME-2004_files\image158.png) at the gripping surface is 0.1XX is the line of action of the input force and YY is the line of application of gripping force. If the pin joint is assumed to be frictionless, the magnitude of force F required to hold the weight is

Question 5

The work done by a body in moving down a smooth inclined plane in comparison to being dropped vertically downwards from same height will be

Question 6

Two particles each of mass m are moving on x-axis and y-axis with velocities 4 m/s and 6m/s respectively. Magnitude of velocity of their centre of mass is
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