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GATE ME 2022: Engineering Mechanics- 5

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Question 1

According to Newton’s first law of motion, the body acted upon by a coplanar system of forces is said to be in equilibrium when

Question 2

The forces in the member BC and BD respectively are

Question 3

The height of the building in meters if a ball is projected upwards with a velocity of 25 m/s from ground on the elevation equal to the height of the building. It falls down on the ground after 5 seconds 

Question 4

If a body of 500 kg - m2 is rotating about its axis passing through the centre of mass and work done by the rotation of body is 100 kJ. Then the angular velocity of the body in rad/s will be

Question 5

Coefficient of restitution is

Question 6

A body of weight 120N rest on a rough horizontal surface (μ = 0.3) and is pulled by a force applied at an any of 30° to the horizontal. The force (in N) required to just cause body to slide over surface about is
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