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Question 1

“His face _________ with joy when the solution of the puzzle was ________ to him.” The words that best fill the blanks in the above sentence are

Question 2

Three pipes A, B and C can fill a tank in 6, 9 and 12 hrs respectively. B and C are opened for half an hour, then A is also opened. The time taken by three pipe to fill the remaining part of the tank is:

Question 3

In this season, carrying _______ umbrella is a must.

Question 4

Ananth takes 6 hours and Bharath takes 4 hours to read a book. Both started reading copies of the book at the same time. After how many hours is the number of pages to be read by Ananth, twice that to be read by Bharath? Assume Ananth and Bharath read all the pages with constant pace.

Question 5

Suresh wanted to lay a new carpet in his new mansion with an area of 70×55 sq. mts. However an area of 550 sq. mts had to be left out for flower pots. If the cost of carpet is Rs. 50 per sq. mts, how much money (in Rs.) will be spent by Suresh for the carpet now?

Question 6

In a college class, 35 % of the students take German as a foreign language, 15 % take French as a foreign language, and 40 % take at least one of these languages. The probability that a randomly chosen student takes French given that the student takes German is ______

Question 7

The cost function for a product in a firm is given by 5q2, where q is the amount of production. The firm can sell the product at a market price of Rs. 50 per unit. The number of units to be produced by the firm such that the profit is maximized is

Question 8

Anil is twice as good as workman as Bimal and together they finish a piece of work in 9 days. In how many days will Anil alone finish the work?

Question 9

Find the of value of integral

Question 10

Which of the following is a subordinating conjunction?

Question 11

Numerically controlled (NC) machines used what type of input to the system for processing the data and produce the output result ?

Question 12

For two cycles coupled in series, the topping cycle has an efficiency of 30% and bottoming cycle has an efficiency of 40%. The overall combined cycle efficiency (in %)is

Question 13

A circular cross section, linearly tapered (from d1 to d2) bar is rigidly held between two supports. When heated by amount T, the support reactions will be: (E=Young’s Modulus)

Question 14

The result of kirchoff’s law for black body is

Question 15

For a canteen, the actual demand for disposable cups was 500 units in January and 600 units in February. The forecast for the month of January was 400 units. The forecast for the month of March considering smoothing coefficient as 0.75 is _________

Question 16

For the Psychrometric process, In case A air is adiabatically saturated and in case B air is isobarically saturated then saturation temperature in case of A and B are

Question 17

Determine the depth d below the free surface at which the point velocity is equal to the average velocity of flow for a uniform laminar flow with a free surface.

Question 18

The COP of a Carnot heat pump operating between 6 °C and 37 °C is .........

Question 19

A disc of 200mm diameter and 5 kg mass is mounted on the end of an arm of length 500mm. If the disc rotates about the arm at 300 rpm and other end of arm is free to rotate, find the speed of precession

Question 20

A shaft made up of mild steel is subjected to bending moment of 300Nm and torque of 400Nm. The equivalent bending moment considering Maximum Normal stress theory (in Nm) is

Question 21

The entropy of a gas at 1 bar and 298 K is 0. Find entropy change of the gas at 20 bar and 600K. The specific heat of the gas varies linearly with temperature.
C= (0.88+0.00029T) kJ/kgK  and Cv = (0.57+0.00029T) kJ/kgK.

Question 22

A 5 m high semicircular tank of diameter 1 m, as shown in the figure, is filled with water. The ratio of resultant hydrostatic force on curved side to the force on the flat side of the tank is.

Question 23

Match list – I and List – II and select the correct answer using the codes given below

Question 24

In an orthogonal cutting, a single-point cutting tool is having following signature in ORS
0º - 10º - 7º - 7º - 75º - 1. The depth of cut and width of cut are 0.3 mm and 4 mm respectively. The coefficient of friction at tool-chip interface is 0.7. If the shear strength of the work-piece material is 500 Mpa, then the minimum power requirement in kW at a cutting speed of 3 m/s is ___________.

Question 25

F or water at 23, dps⁄dTs = 0.189 kPa⁄K (ps is the saturation pressure in kPa and Ts is the saturation temperature in K) and the specific volume of dry saturated vapour is 43.38 m3/kg. Assume that the specific volume of liquid is negligible in comparison with that of vapour. Using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation, an estimate of the enthalpy of evaporation of water at 23(in kJ/kg) is __________

Question 26

A person repairing radio set find that the time spent on the radio sets has exponential distribution. If the radio are repaired in the order in which they come in and their arrival is approximately Poisson with an average rate of 15 for 8-hour day and the repairman’s expected ideal time each day is 3 hour. How many jobs are ahead of the average set just brought in to the repairman shop?

Question 27

An air refrigerator of 5 TR working on Bell Coleman cycle works between pressure limits of 1 bar and 5 bar. The temperature of air entering the compressor and expansion cylinder are 12oC and 30oC respectively. The value of COP and mass flow rate of air, respectively are

Question 28

A 15 cm long stainless steel pin fin (k = 20 W/mK) having 1.5 cm diameter is fitted to a wall which is exposed to a fluid (h = 4000 W/m2K). Assume the fin is insulated at the end. From this we can conclude that

Question 29

A wall bracket is fixed to the wall by means of 4 bolts, two at A and two at B and each of the minor cross sectional area is 100 mm2.
Assuming that there is no pre- load in bolts and the bracket is prevented from the tipping about point C by all four bolts. The maximum shear stress (in MPa) is

Question 30

In a manufacturing plant, the production rate is 200 items per day and the demand rate is 100 items per day. The setup cost is Rs. 25 per setup and handling cost is Rs. 0.01 per unit per day. If shortages are not allowed, then the minimum total cost for one cycle is_______rupee

Question 31

A cylinder of diameter d is compressed longitudinally such that its diameter becomes double than that of original diameter. Considering the volume of the cylinder remains constant before and after compression. Find the true strain of the cylinder.

Question 32

In an orthogonal machining with a tool of 9° orthogonal rake angle, the uncut chip thickness is 0.2 mm. The chip thickness fluctuates between 0.25 mm and 0.4 mm. The ratio of the maximum shear angel to the minimum shear angle during machining is _________.

Question 33

A steel ingot is initially at a temperature of 500oC and cools to a temperature of 100oC when kept in an ambient of 25oC. If uniform temperature is assumed at any given instant of time, then Fourier number for limiting condition of lumped heat analysis is:

Question 34

The inlet temperature of hot water is 800K and outlet temperature is 400 K and the inlet temperature of cold water is 200 K, both are flowing at some mass flow rate. Taking counter flow heat exchanger the NTU and LMTD respectively are

Question 35

A solar system at 127 °C supplies heat at a rate of 15000 kJ/hr to an absorption refrigeration system. The environment is at 27 °C and the refrigerated space is maintained at –23 °C. The maximum possible heat removal from the refrigerated space is __________ tonnes.
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