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GATE ME 2021 || Manufacturing Quiz 9

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Question 1

The fit on a hole shaft basic system is specified as H7-q5 then this fit belongs to

Question 2

An error of 5% occurred during the measurement of the dia of a cylindrical part. The likely error in the calculated weight of the part is approximately:

Question 3

The dimension limits on a shaft of 25 h7 are

Question 4

The maximum interference in mm after assembly between a bush of size   mm and shaft  mm of size is __________.

Question 5

The diameter of a recessed ring was measured by using two spherical balls of diameter d2 = 60 mm and d1 = 40 mm as shown in the figure.

The distance H2 = 35.55 mm and H1 = 20.55 mm. The diameter (D, in mm) of the ring gauge is

Question 6

A fit is specified as 25 H8/e8. The tolerance value of both shaft and hole for a nominal diameter of 25 mm in IT8 is 33 microns and fundamental deviation for the shaft is –40 microns. The maximum clearance of the fit in microns is
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