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Question 1

An orthogonal turning operation is carried out under the following conditions: rake angle = 5 °; spindle rotational speed = 400 rpm: axial feed = 0.4 m/min and radial depth of cut = 2 mm. The chip thickness, tc, is found to be 3 mm. The shear angle (in degrees) in this turning process is_______

Question 2

A single point cutting tool with 0°rake angle is used in an orthogonal machining process. At a cutting speed of 180 m/min. the thrust force is 490 N. If the coefficient of friction between the tool and the chip is 0.7, then the power consumption (in kW) for the machining operation is _______

Question 3

A tube of 35 mm outside diameter was turned on a lathe and the following data was obtained:
Rake angle = 35 ° Cutting speed = 15 m/min
Feed rate = 0.1 mm/rev Length of continuous chip in one revolution = 60 mm
Cutting force = 2000 N Feed force = 800 N
Calculate shear plane angle

Question 4

Better surface finish is obtained with a large rake angle because

Question 5

The tool life equation for HSS tool is VT0.14f 0.7d0.4 = Constant. The tool life (T) of 30 min is obtained using the following cutting conditions:
V = 45 m/min, f = 0.35 mm, d = 2.0 mm
If speed (V), feed (f) and depth of cut D. are increased individually by 25%, the tool life (in min) is

Question 6

In a turning operation, the tool life of the carbide tool was found to be 20 min and 100 min, at cutting speeds of 120 m/min and 80 m/min respectively. The tool life of tool under same condition but at a cutting speed of 100 m/min will be _____ min.
T1 = 20 min V1 = 120 m/min
T2 = 100 min V2 = 80 m/min
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