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Question 1

Probability of passing in Physics is 35%. The chance of passing in Physics and getting above 85 marks in it is 7%. Given that student passes in Physics. Find the probability that student gets above 85 marks.

Question 2

If P(X) = 1/4, P(Y) = 1/3, and P(X Y) = 1/12, the value of P(Y/X) is

Question 3

Consider two bags having black & blue balls. One bag has 2 black & 4 white balls, whereas the other has 5 black & 3 white ball. If one ball is drawn from each bag, Calculate the probability that one of the ball is black & the other one is white.

Question 4

Two coins R and S are tossed. The 4 joint events HRHS, TRTS, HRTS, TRHS have probabilities 0.28, 0.18, 0.30, 0.24, respectively, where H is resperesent head and T reprsenty tail. Which one of the following is True?

Question 5

If a dice is thrown, ______ is the probability of occurrence of a number greater than 1, when it is known that only odd numbers can come up.

Question 6

Two coins are tossed simultaneously. The probability (upto two decimal points accuracy) of getting at least one head is _______
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