GATE Instrumentation Paper Analysis 2021: Questions Asked, Answer Key, Weightage Analysis, Cut Off

By Kajal Vats|Updated : February 7th, 2021

GATE IN Paper Analysis 2021: GATE Instrumentation Engineering 2021 Exam is conducted on the second day of the GATE exam that is 6th Feb which was conducted in the forenoon session i.e. 9:30-12:30 hrs. Here you can find the GATE Instrumentation Engineering 2021 paper analysis with the weightage of each section of GATE IN Syllabus with respective marks & number of questions asked in the GATE IN 2021 paper.

GATE IN Paper Analysis & Weightage 2021: 6th Feb 2021

Highlights of GATE IN 2021 Paper

Total Marks
1 Marks2 Marks
Fluid Mechanics137
Geotech Engg.4412
Steel Structure012
Structural Analysis226
Building Material & Construction Manag.226
Engineering Maths5311
General Aptitude5515


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Memory-based Questions Asked in GATE IN 2021 Paper

  1. A infinitely long line, with uniform positive charge density, lies along the z-axis. In cylindrical coordinates (r, ϕ, z), at any point not on the z-axis, the direction of the electric field is
  2. Consider a system with transfer function A unit step function μ(t) is applied to the system, which results in an output y(t)

        If e(t) = y(t) = y(t) – μ(t), then line  is _______


  1. Single-phase transformer has a magnetizing inductance of 250 mH and a core loss resistance of 300 Ω, referred to the primary side. When excited with a 230 V 50 Hz Sinusoidal supply the primary the power factor of the input current drawn, with secondary an open-circuited ____ (round off to two decimal places)
  2. For the full bridge made of linear strain gauges with gauge factor 2 as shown in the diagram, R1 = R2 = R3 = R4 = 100 Ω at 0°C. All strain gauges are made of same material and exposed to the same temperature. While measuring a strain of 0.01 of a temperature of 50°C, the output V0 in millivolt is ____ (rounded off to two decimal places)



  1. A 10 fit ADC has a full-scale of 10.230 V, when the digital output is ( || |||| ||||)2. The quantization error of ADC in millivolts is _______ .


  1. The figure below shows an electrically conductive bar of square cross-section resting on a plane surface. The bar of mass of 1 kg has a depth of 0.5 m along the y-direction the bar and the surface is 0.1. Assume the acceleration due to gravity to be 10 m/s2. The system faces a uniform flux density At time, t = 0, a current of 10 A is switched onto the bar and is maintained.



Expected Cut-Off 

  • To be updated soon.

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