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GATE EE 2022: Electromagnetic field Quiz 9 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

The static electric field inside a dielectric medium with relative permittivity, εr = 2.25, expressed in cylindrical coordinate system is given by the following expression

Where ar, aϕ, az are unit vectors along r, ϕ and z directions, respectively. If the above expression represents a valid electrostatic field inside the medium, then the volume charge density associated with this field in terms of free space permittivity, ε0, in SI unit is given by :

Question 2

Four electric charges +q, –q, +q, –q are placed at the corner of a square of side 2L as shown below

The electric potential at point A, midway between 2 charges +q and –q is

Question 3

For spherical surface of radius (r) 4 cm, uniform spherical surface charge density is 20 × 10–6 C/m2. If 1 × 10–3 Joule of energy is found in the region 0.06 < r < a, then ‘a’ is _________ m.

Question 4

The insulation of a concentric cable of core diameter 'd' is made up of 2 layers of different insulating material each of thickness t. In what may should the permittivitiesand of the materials differ in order that the maximum dielectric stress shall be the same in each?

Question 5

Two identical uniformly distributed line charges are situated along X and Y axis, The charge density being ρ = 30 μc/m. Obtain the resultant electric flux density at point (3, 4, 5) due to line charges__

Question 6

In a non-magnetic medium V/m. Then the value of in intrinsic impedance is _________.
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