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GATE EE 2022: Electrical Machines Quiz 15 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

A LAP wound generator has generated voltage is 400V, If no. of poles are double then the generated voltage is?

Question 2

An Isolation Transformer has Primary to Secondary turns ratio of

Question 3

Consider a 4 pole, 50 Hz 3- ϕ IM with negligible stator impedance and negligible mechanical losses. It runs at speed of 1440 RPM. The value of efficiency of motor will be:

Question 4

A DC series motor is running at rated speed and rated voltage. If the supply current has to be reduced to 0.25 p.u. then the speed should be reduced to _____(p.u.) (constant power load)

Question 5

A 50 Hz single phase transformer has equal hysterics and eddy current losses at rated excitation if the transformer is operated at 50 Hz and at 90% of rated excitation, the percentage reduction in the iron loss when compared with iron of rated excitation is

Question 6

In a 100 MVA, 11 KV synchronous machine, slip test is conducted to calculate Xd, Xq (Ω). The test shows the following data:

The value of Xd and Xq in pu will be:

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