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GATE EE 2021 : National Quiz 3

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Question 1

Find the system’s response to the input x(t)=u(t) if the unit impulse response h(t)of a DT LTI system is h(t) =

Question 2

The pole zero plot given below correspond to a

Question 3

How many insulator discs of 11 kV are required in order to design a transmission line of 132 kV rating?

Question 4

Proximity effect depends on.
(i) Frequency
(ii) distance between line
(iii) relative permeability

Question 5

Which of the following conditions are correct for the convergence of the fourier transform of the function .
1) is absolutely integrable over the range of time period.
2) should have finite number of discontinuities within any finite interval.
3) should have finite number of maxima and minima within any finite interval.
4) must be periodic.

Question 6

Find the inverse laplace of given that x(t) is absolutely integrable.

Question 7

A consumer pays for his monthly electricity consumption according to the following tariff:
First 100 units @ Rs.4.50/unit
Next 100 units @ Rs.3.50/unit
Additional units @ Rs.3.00/unit
Which of the following type of tariff is referred above?

Question 8

A 3 phase 11/22kV, star-delta transformer, produced by Merz-price scheme has CT ratio of 400/5 A on LT side. The ratio of CT on H T side is

Question 9

If F1(s)= ; and F2(s)= . What is the inverse Laplace transform F(t) of the product of both functions?

Question 10

A Star connected alternator has positive, negative and zero sequence impedances of j0.4pu, j0.5pu, j0.1pu. If the prefault voltage is 1pu and the fault current should not be exceeded to 2pu, find the value of neutral impedance Zn need for the protection if the fault is single line to ground fault?

Question 11

A 4 pole, 50 Hz, 121 kV generator has a rating of 100MW, power factor 0.8 lagging. Its rotor has a moment of inertia of 10000 kg-. Find the value of inertia constant (in MJ per MVA)

Question 12

A continuous time signal is defined as x(t) = 10 cos. If the signal x(t) is sampled at a rate of 4 sample/sec. Which one of the following in the correct output after sampling does the original signal can be recovered, comment on this statement Yes or No. Here, Output is considered as Amplitude spectrum.
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