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Question 1

If a diode is connected in anti-parallel with a thyristor, then

Question 2

During the turn-off process of a thyristor, the current flow does not stop at the instant when the current reaches zeros but continues to flow to a peak value in the reverse direction. this is due to

Question 3

A signal of 10 V is applied to a 50 ohm coaxial transmission line, terminated in a 100 ohm load. The voltage reflection coefficient is

Question 4

The derivation of Poynting vector requires:
i. Gauss' Divergence Law
ii. Faraday's law
iii. Ampere-Maxwell's Law

Question 5

The output voltage shown below is given to a MOSFET with a resistance of 1 Ω

If d=π/3, then the value of the power loss in MOSFET is

Question 6

A 3-ϕ full converter bridge is connected to supply voltage of 230 V per phase and a frequency of 50 Hz. The source inductance is 4 mH and load current on dc side is constant at 20 A at 30ׄ° firing angle

The percentage voltage regulation due to source inductance is:

Question 7

A 1 ϕ – Fully controlled bridge converter operates in continuous conduction mode from a 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 – ϕ supply with firing angle of a = 30o. The load resistance and inductance are 15 Ω and 30 mH respectively.

The rms value of 5th harmonic source current (in ampere) is__________.

Question 8

A single phase full bridge voltage source inverter is feeding a RLC load with output voltage

Waveform as a square wave. If the reactance XC>XL then the output waveform will be

Question 9

The magnetic flux density created by an infinitely long conductor carrying a current I at a radial distance R is

Question 10

A parallel plate capacitor is charged to 100 µC at 200 V. If it is connected to another capacitor resulting in net charge of first capacitor is 25 × 10-6C then the capacitor of the new capacitor is

Question 11

A single-phase voltage source inverter is feeding a purely inductive load as shown in the figure. The inverter is operated at 50 Hz in 180° square wave mode. Assume that the load current does not have any dc component. the peak value of the inductor current i0 (in A) will be

Question 12

The velocity vector is given as . The divergence of this velocity vector at (1,1,1)
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