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GATE EE 2021 : Electromagnetic theory Quiz 4

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Question 1

Biot–Savart law is the magnetic equivalent of Coulomb’s law. The difference is

Question 2

The relation between the magnetic vector potential  and the magnetic field intensity can be given by

Question 3

In a spherical co-ordinate system magnetic vector potential at point (r, θ, ϕ) is given as A = 12 cosθaϕ. The magnetic flux density at point (3, 0, ) will be

Question 4

A vector magnetic potential is given by

The magnetic flux density at (2, π, 0) will be

Question 5

Find the flux density at B| (3,) if the given magnetic vector potential A= 8sin sphericalco-ordinates?

Question 6

A magnetic material has the following parameters:

(i) M=120A/m and μ= 2 x 10-4H/m.

(ii) B=200μT, Xm= 15

Determine magnetic field intensity and magnetic flux density for both (i) and (ii)

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