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GATE EC : Digital Circuits Champion Quiz 4

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Question 1

Consider a four bit D to A converter. The analog value corresponding to digital signals of values 0000 and 0001 are 0 V and 0.0625 V respectively. The analog value (in Volts) corresponding to the digital signal 1111 is ________.

Question 2

The voltage comparator shown in figure can be used in the analog-to-digital conversion as

Question 3

A digital-to-analog converter with a full-scale output voltage of 3.5V has a resolution close to 14 mV. Its bit size is:

Question 4

In successive approximation of A/D converter the offset voltage is equal to LSB that gets added to D/A converter’s output which happens in order to:

Question 5

What is incorrect about Sample and Hold circuit?

Question 6

A single-phase half controlled converter shown in the figure is feeding power to highly inductive load. The converter is operating at a firing angle of 60 °.

If the firing pulses are suddenly removed, the steady state voltage (v0) waveform of the converter will become

Question 7

A student made a 3-bit binary down counter and connected to the R-2R ladder type DAC (Gain = (-2 KΩ/2R) as shown the figure to generate a staircase waveform. The output achieved is different as shown in figure. What could be the possible cause of their error?

Question 8

The resolution of a D/A converter is approximately 0.4% of its full-scale range. It is

Question 9

In Sigma delta ADC, high bit accuracy is achieved by

Question 10

The AID converter used in a digital voltmeter could be (1) successive approximation type (2) Flash converter type (3) Dual slope converter type. The correct sequence in the increasing order of their conversion time taken is
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