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GATE EC 2022: Signals & Systems Quiz 4 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

An LTI system with impulse response  is ___________.

Question 2

The time interval by which the signal should be delayed in order to bring about a phase shift is ______msec

Question 3

A discreate time signal x(n) is given by

If its fourier transform is X(eiw), then the value of the integral

Question 4

For which of the following signal imaginary part of its Fourier transform would be zero?

Question 5

Let X(jω) dente the Fourier transform of the signal x(t) shown in the figure below.

The value of is______________.

Question 6

Two signals and band-limited to respectively are multiplied together and product is sampled by a periodic impulse train. Determine the minimum sampling interval ‘T’ to recover the signal from its samples
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