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GATE EC 2022: Signals & Systems Quiz 1 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

If the magnitude response of the system is constant over all frequencies and a = 3 than what is the value of b ______?

Question 2

The Fourier transform of a signal h(t) is H(jω) = (2cosω)(sin2ω)/ω. The value of h(0) is

Question 3

The unilateral Laplace transform of a signal x(t) is

If x(t) be (e–at – ate–t) U(t) then value of a is

Question 4

Consider a system with U(t) as input and V(t) as output

Choose the correct option

Question 5

A continuous time signal x(t) = cosω0t is sampled with sampling interval Ts generating the discrete time sequence

If x(n) is periodic with period N and r is any positive integer, then Ts must satisfy the relation.

Question 6

Is f(t) = (3 sin 5πt + 4 cos 9πt)2 a valid Fourier Series expansion? if it is find harmonics in this Fourier Series expansion.
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