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"GATE EC 2022: Quiz Control System10 "

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Question 1

Consider the Nyquist plot of the second order underdamped system shown in the below figure.

The Resonant Frequency corresponding to the Nyquist plot is

Question 2

The polar plot of G(S) H(S) for K = 10 is given below

The gain ‘K’ for a 40 dB gain margin is _______

Question 3

The Routh – Hurwitz array is given for a third order characteristic equation as follows

The values of a, b, c, d are respectively, for which the system should be marginally stable

Question 4

For the system ,

y = [4 0] x

With u as unit impulse and with zero initial state the output y at t = 0.1 sec is ______

Question 5

A sensitivity of transfer function T=(A1+kA2)/ (A3+kA4) with respect to parameter k is given by

Question 6

Find the values of Kp, K1 and KD for PID controller whose characteristics equation has real roots at 10, =0.8 and n=2rad/s
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