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GATE EC 2022: Electronic Devices Quiz 7

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Question 1

The values of voltage (VD) across a tunnel-diode corresponding to peak and valley currents are VP and VV respectively. The range of tunnel-diode voltage VD for which the slope of its I – VD characteristics is negative would be

Question 2

When the optical power incident on a photodiode is 10 µW and the responsivity is 0.8 A/W, the photocurrent generated (in µA) is ____

Question 3

Match items in Group 1 with item in Group 2, most suitable.
Group 1
Q- Avalanche photodiode
R- Tunnel diode
Group 2
1- Heavy doping
2- Coherent radiation
3- Spontaneous emission
4- Current gain

Question 4

A particular green LED emits light of wavelength 5490oA. The energy band gap of the semiconductor material used there is (Planck’s constant = 6.625x10-34 J-s.)

Question 5

In the Zener diode voltage regulator circuit shown in the figure below, the Zener diode has the following parameter

VZ = 5V, RZ = 0Ω

The value of output voltage Vo for the load resistance, RL = 1 KΩ is

Question 6

Consider avalanche breakdown in a silicon p+n junction. The n-region is uniformly doped with a donor density ND. Assume that breakdown occurs when the magnitude of the electric field at any point in the device becomes equal to the critical field ECRIT. Assume ECRIT to be independent of ND. If the built-in voltage of the junction is much smaller than the breakdown voltage, VBR, the relationship between and is given by
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