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GATE EC 2022: Electronic Devices Quiz 6

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Question 1

If a n-channel enhancement MOSFET is biased in common source such that its gate to source voltage VGS = 1 V, drain to source voltage VDS = 3 V, drain current ID=2mA, μCox (W/L) = 0.5mA/V2 and V= 1V  The value of drain conductance is _________ .
(Neglecting channel length modulation).

Question 2

The data sheet for an EMOSFET operating in saturation region gives
ID (on) = 450mA, VGS = 12V, Vth = 2V,

The drain current for VGS = 6V is _______mA

Question 3

Consider the circuit shown in figure and each of the given transistors have the following parameters

VTN = 0.8V, kn Cox ) = 30 μA/ V2

If the ratios of width to length i.e. , then V0 is ______(Volts)

Question 4

The transistor given in the circuit below has VTN = 2V and (μCox W)/2L =0.1 mA/V2. The power dissipated in the transistor is equal to _________mW.

Question 5

A depletion type N-channel MOSFET is biased in its linear region for use as a voltage controlled resistor. Assume threshold voltage VTH = -0.5 V, VGS = 2.0 V, VDS = 5 V, W/L = 100, Cox = 10-8 F/cm2 and µn = 800 cm2/V-s. The value of the resistance of the voltage controlled resistor (in Ω) is __________.

Question 6

In an n-channel MOSFET , drain is shorted to the gate so that VGS = VDS.  And V=1V. If the drain current ID is 1 mA for VGS =2V then for VGS =3V, ID  (in mA) is
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