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GATE EC 2022: Digital Circuits Quiz 3

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Question 1

A one bit full adder takes 75 nsec to produce sum and 50 nsec to produce carry. A 4 bit parallel adder is designed using this type of full adder. The maximum rate of additions per second can be provided by 4 bit parallel adder is Ax106 additions/sec. The value of A is _____ .

Question 2

consider the combinational circuit shown below

What is the circuit shown in figure

Question 3

In the following circuit, X is given by

Question 4

The building block shown in fig. is a active high output decoder.

The output X is

Question 5

consider the following circuits (assume all gates have a finite propagation delay)



Which of these circuits generate a periodic square wave output?

Question 6

Consider a 3-bit number A and 2 bit number B are given to a multiplier. The output of multiplier is realized using AND gate and one bit full adders. If minimum number of AND gates required are X and one bit full adders required are then ________.
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