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GATE EC 2022: Digital Circuits Quiz 2

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Question 1

Find minterms and maxterms respectively for the given function
f(XYZ)= XY+X'Z

Question 2

To implement the simplified value of the following Boolean functions minimum of how many AND, NOT and OR gate are required

Question 3

Find the correct minimized expression Y (A, B, C, D) = ∑m (0, 3, 7, 13, 14) + ∑d (1, 2, 12).

Question 4

Consider the circuit shown in figure below

If propagation delay of NOT gate is 10 nsec, AND gate is 20 nsec and X -OR gate is 10 nsec.
If A is connected to at then waveform for output Y is

Question 5

A car alarm system is to be designed considering 4 inputs, door closed (D), key in (K), seat pressure (S) and seat belt closed (B).
The alarm (A) should sound if
1) the key is in and door is not closed or
2) the door is closed, the key is in, driver in the seat and seat belt is not closed.
The system is to be designed with 2 input basic gates and inputs are available in basic form only.
The number of gates required are

Question 6

The ‘I’ input of the following circuit is high. If we apply 01101011 at the other input (first bit 0).
Find the output.

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