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Question 1

The characteristic polynomial of a feedback control system is S3 + KS2 + 9S + 18. When the system is marginally stable, the frequency of the sustained oscillation (in rad/sec) is _______

Question 2

The first two rows of Routh’s table of third order characteristics equation are:

S3 3 3

S2 4 4

It can be inferred that the system has

Question 3

Loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is k/(s + 2)6, (0 < k <∞) then the range of ‘k’ for the system stability is

Question 4

For a unity feedback control system with forward path transfer function determine the steady steady state error transfer function if a step input applied to the system?

Question 5

For the system shown in the figure, s = –2.75 lies on the root locus if K is _______.
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Question 6

A feedback control system has an open loop transfer function.

The maximum value of ‘K’ for closed loop system stability is _________
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