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GATE EC 2022: Control Quiz 1

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Question 1

For the signal-flow graph shown in the figure, which one of the following expressions is equal to the transfer function ?

Question 2

The closed loop transfer function of a system is given by-
TF =
The value of K such that the damping ratio is 0.7 and an un-damped natural frequency is 5rad/sec is

Question 3

A unity feedback control system requires 0.52 seconds to reach its peak value while subjected to the step input. If the settling time of the response for 2% tolerance band is 1.05 seconds. The resonant frequency of the system will be _______ rad/sec.

Question 4

The block diagram of a control system is shown in Fig. The transfer function G(s) = Y(s)/U(s) of the system is

Question 5

A unit step response of a second order system has peak overshoot Mp = 0.12 and peak time tp = 0.2 sec. Corresponding frequency response parameters: resonant peak (Mr) and resonant frequency (ωr) are respectively

Question 6

For an any control system having a settling time is 7 second and peak time is 3 second. So the location of the second order pair of poles is
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