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GATE EC 2022: Analog Quiz 9 Control System

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Question 1

The transfer function of a phase lead controller is (1 + 3Ts) / (1 + Ts). The maximum value of phase provided by this controller is

Question 2

The bode plot corresponding to a proportional derivative controller is the one shown in given figure

Question 3

The signal flow graph of a system is shown below
The state transition matrix is

Question 4

Given below is the polar plot for the transfer function:

Which transfer function represents the following polar plot?

Question 5

In the figure shown, assume the op-amp to be ideal. Which of the alternatives gives the correct Bode plots for the transfer function

Question 6

A control system with PD controller is shown in the figure. If velocity error constant Kv = 500 and %MP of the system is 5 %. Find the value of Kp and K.
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