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GATE EC 2021: Engineering Mathematics Quiz 10 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Match the Group-1 to Group-2 with their correct option
[P] 2nd order differential equations
[Q] Non – linear algebraic equations
[R] Linear algebraic equations
[S] numerical integration

[1] Range - kutta method
[2] newton – Rapson method
[3] gauss elimination
[4] Simpson’s rule

Question 2

A function f (x) is given as

The value of d(x) as evaluated by simpson’s 1/3 rule method

Question 3

Given =x2-y2, y (0) =1 The value of y(0.1) using Runge-kutta Second order method is (Take h=0.1)

Question 4

Find the value of the integral of from 5 to 11 by Simpson’s rule taking number of intervals, n=6.

[Write the answer upto two decimal point]

Question 5

Consider the differential equation , y(1) =2 Find the value of y(2) by first order Euler’s method with step size h = 0.5 is _____?

Question 6

If a root of the equation 3x3 – 4x2 – 4x + 7 = 0 is found out using Newton Raphson’s method. If the first assumption for the root is 2.5, then the root after 2 iterations will be
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