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GATE EC 2021: Control Systems Quiz 5 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Bode Plot of a system is given below. The static velocity error coefficient of system is______

Question 2

The closed loop transfer function of a system is

The number of poles having positive real part is

Question 3

The polar plot of G(s) = for 0 in GH-plane is

Question 4

Consider an open loop transfer function of a unity feedback system K/s(s+4) (s+b). If root loci diagram of system intersects imaginary axis at s = ±j10. The phase crossover frequency(in rad/sec) is ………..

Question 5

The Bode plot of transfer Function given as

The magnitude of error in Gain at ω = 0.5/T is ________dB

Question 6

Consider the Bode-Plot given in the figure below,

If the magnitude at point A is given by 26dB, then find the value of .

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