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GATE EC 2021: Control Systems Quiz 4 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

For a system with damping ratio = 0.316, natural frequency of oscillation = 3.162 rad/sec. Determine the Peak time(in sec).

(Give the answer upto 2 decimal places)

Question 2

Consider the control system shown below.

For unit step input, the time constant of the system is given by ________ sec.

Question 3

A system shows zero steady-state error for step-input, finite steady-state error for Ramp-input and ∞ steady-state error for parabolic-input. Then the system is of

Question 4

The steady state error of a unity feedback system for step input is 0.2. the steady state error of the same system, for an input

Question 5

The DC gain and steady state error for step input for are.

Question 6

In the system shown below, what is steady state error in unit ramp response?

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