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Question 1

The clock period of the pipelined processor is

Question 2

Which among the following is the correct header length of IPv6 datagram?

Question 3

Program counter (PC) uses which of the following addressing mode

Question 4

Which technique is used by 802.11 b HR-DSSS for data transfer?

Question 5

Which of the following assertions is FALSE about the Internet Protocol (IP)?

Question 6

An IP machine Q has a path to another IP machine H via three IP routers R1, R2, and R3.
H acts as an HTTP server, and Q connects to H via HTTP and downloads a file. Session layer encryption is used, with DES as the shared key encryption protocol. Consider the following four pieces of information:
[I1] The URL of the file downloaded by Q
[I2] The TCP port numbers at Q and H
[I3] The IP addresses of Q and H
[I4] The link layer addresses of Q and H
Which of I1, I2, I3, and I4 can an intruder learn through sniffing at R2 alone?

Question 7

Ram and Sita uses the Diffie-Hellman Protocol for generating session key. Ram chooses y = 3 and Sita chooses x = 5. Identify session key value if G = 7 and N = 23

Question 8

A memory system of size 16 kbytes is required to be designed using memory chips which have 12 address lines and 4 data lines each. The number of such chips required to design the memory system is _________.

Question 9

Which of the following is true about TLB?
I. Tag entry in TLB contains a virtual page number and each data entry of the TLB holds a physical page number.
II. TLB misses can be handled either in hardware or in software.
III. TLB miss or a page fault requires using the exception mechanism.

Question 10

A system Jarvis requested for a specific site "gradeup.co", in return to this request it got the error as "LOOKUP FAILED". Now consider the following services:
2) TCP
3) UDP
4) DNS
Which of the above service(s) are failed when we get the error as "LOOKUP FAILED"

Question 11

A group of some stations share a 56 kbps pure ALOHA channel. Each of these stations output a 1000 bits frame on an average of one every 100 seconds, even if the previous one not yet been sent. Efficiency of pure ALOHA is 18.4%. What would be the maximum number of stations?

Question 12

We have three stations P, Q, R connected in serial manner. P is connected to Q through a 3Gbps fibre optic link and length is 500Km. Q is connected to R through 60Mbps link and length is 15Km.All the links are full duplex in nature. A file is sent from station A to C. Packet size is 1KB.We use sliding window protocol such that SWS=RWS. Find the optimal SWS packets.

Question 13

Match the following:

Question 14

Consider 4-segement instruction pipeline where different instruction are spending different amount of time at different stages shown below:

How many cycles are required to complete the above instruction in case of a pipelined processor and also for non-pipelined processor?

Question 15

Cache Main memory = 64kb
Block size = 32B
Address size = 32 bit
Direct Mapping
What is the tag field size (Consider the cost of tag only)?
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