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GATE CS 2022 : Computer Organization -3

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Question 1

ALU, bus and all registers are identical in size. The instruction ‘Memory write’ has the register transfer interpretation. Find the minimum number of clock cycles needed for execution of the following instruction.

Question 2

Which of the following register is used for a program relocation?

Question 3

Match list i with List ii and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.

List I - List II

A) 0-address Instruction - 1) T = TOP (T-1)

B) 1-address instruction - 2) Y = Y + X

C) 2-address instruction - 3) Y = A - B

D) 3-address Instruction - 4) ACC = ACC - X

Question 4

A 1-address machine and 2-address machine executes the instructions to compute X = (A+ B × C)/ (D – E × F). The instructions available for 1-address machine is LOAD, STORE, ADD, SUB, MUL, and DIV. The instructions available for 2-address machine is MOV, ADD, SUB, MUL and DIV. How many extra instructions required by 1-address machine compared to 2-address machine?

Question 5

Match List-I (Addressing Mode) with List-II (Location of operand) and select the correct answer:


A) Implied

B) Immediate

C) Register

D) Register Indirect


1. Registers which are in CPU

2. Register specifies the address of the operand.

3. Specified in the address field of an instruction

4. Specified implicitly in the definition of instruction

Question 6

A hypothetical processor contains 25 registers and 110 opcodes. Each instruction of the processor has four field namely opcode, 2 register operands and 1 for direct addressing. The number of bits is used to represent direct addressing field when 30 bit of word size used is ________.
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