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Question 1

Which of the following is incorrect regarding Hardwired control unit Design

Question 2

A block set associative cache consist of total 64 blocks divided into 2 block sets. The main memory contains 8192 blocks, each consisting 64 words of 32 bit. Assume memory is word addressable memory. What will be the number of bits required for main memory address ?

Question 3

A hard disk has 63 sectors per track, 10 platters each with 2 recording surfaces and 1000 cylinders.

The address of a sector is given as a triple (c, h, s) where c is the cylinder number, h is the surface number and s is the sector number. Thus, the 0th sector is addressed as (0,0,0), the 1st sector as (0,0,1) and so on.

The address <400, 16, 29> corresponds to sector number-

Question 4

The following bit pattern represents a floating-point number in IEEE 754 single precision format:


The value of the number in decimal form is

Question 5

Consider a disk pack with the following specifications- 32 surfaces, 128 tracks per surface, 256 sectors per track and 512 bytes per sector. What is the capacity of disk pack?

Question 6

Consider a CPU where 140 instructions take 10 clock cycles each to complete the execution. A horizontal microprogrammed control unit has to generate 150 control signals. The minimum size of control word is __________ . (in bits)
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