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GATE CS 2022 : Computer Organization -1

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Question 1

In microprocessors the term word length depends upon __________

Question 2

How many 128 8 bit RAMs are required to design 32K 32 it RAM?

Question 3

Which of the following instructions causes changes in flag?

1) MOV A, C

2) CPI 56H

3) ADD M

4) DCX H

Question 4

Find number of micro-operations required to fetch an instruction from memory.

Question 5

Consider a computer has 64 registers and support 15 different instructions. Each instruction has 4 fields i.e. opcode, source register, destination register and immediate value of 6 bits. If each instruction in byte aligned and 50 instructions are present in memory, then the size of memory needed to store these instructions are ________ (in byte).

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

If the system supports 8 flag condition and with 20 bit micro instruction size. How many words are there in control memory and what is the size of the control memory.
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