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GATE CS 2022: Algorithm 2 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Consider the following graph:

Which of the following is not a depth first search traversal of the given graph?

Question 2

Consider the following frequency of characters appear in a document.

The average number of bits/char is require to send-

Question 3

Consider the following statement:

S1 : A graph where all edge weights are distinct can have more than one shortest paths between two vertices.

S2 : Adding a number on every edge of a graph may change the shortest path between two vertices.

Question 4

T(n) = 1 if n=1

T(n)= T(n/2) + n else

Question 5

The minimum number of comparisons required in order to find the maximum and minimum of 64 numbers using divide and conquer is equal to ________.

Question 6

Consider the hash table of size 12 that uses open addressing with linear probing. Let h(k) = k mod12 be the hash function used. A sequence of records with keys 43, 63, 84, 11, 5, 72, 15, 90, 16 is in stored into an initially empty hash table in the given order, the bins of which are indexed from zero to 11.
The number of comparison for last element inserted is _________.
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