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GATE CS 2021:Digital Logic Rapid Mini Mock (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Which of the following is true for ripple counters?

Question 2

Given . What is the value of base x?

Question 3

Given that
The radix 8’s compliment of Y is

Question 4

The binary operator ≠ is defined by the following truthtable.

Which one of the following is true about the binary operator ≠?

Question 5

An X-Y flip flop, whose characteristic Table is given below is to be implemented using a J-K flip flop
This can be done by making

Question 6

Consider the following synchronous counter made up of JK, D and T flip-flops.

Find the modulus value of the counter.

Question 7

Consider the following sequential circuit:

If T is the propagation delay of each flip-flop, what is the maximum clock frequency which can be applied for valid functioning of the circuit?

Question 8

In a multiplexer number of inputs depends on:

Question 9

The minimum number of NAND Gates required in Full Adder are_______.

Question 10

The number of comparisons for which A>B is true in 5-bit comparator is____________.

Question 11

If there are m input lines and n output for a decoder that is used to unique address a byte addressable 1 KB RAM, then the minimum value of m + n is _____

Question 12

Consider an eight-bit ripple-carry adder for computing the sum of A and B, where A and B are integers represented in 2’s complement form. If the decimal value of A is one, the decimal value of B that leads to the longest latency for the sum to stabilize is __________.
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