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GATE CS 2021 : Database Rapid Quiz-2 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

If every non-key attribute is functionally dependent on primary key, then the relation will be in

Question 2

For the given relation R (ABCDE) with the following functional dependencies

F= {A→BC, B→D, CD→E, E→A}

The number of candidate keys are____________.

Question 3

A primary key is combined with a foreign key creates

Question 4

In an entity relationship there are two entities A and B,

A is dominant entity

B is subordinate entity

Which of the following is correct?

Question 5

Consider a relation R(A B C) with attribute size of A as 8 bytes. Disk block size is 512 bytes and block pointer is 8 bytes. The best choice for degree (maximum value) for B+ tree, if B+ tree was used for creating indexing on R(A B C) is _________.

Question 6

Consider a B-tree with key size of 8 bytes, block size of 512 bytes, data pointer of 6 bytes and block pointer of 5 bytes. The order of the tree is
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