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GATE CS 2021 : Database Rapid Quiz-1 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Consider the following SQL query:

SELECT Project, count(EmpId). EmpProjectCount

FROM EmployeeSalary

GROUP BY Project

ORDER BY EmpProjectCount DESC;

The given SQL query fetches:

Question 2

Consider the following relation instant

Which of the following functional dependencies are satisfied by the instance?

Question 3

Match the following:

Question 4

Consider the following query:



WHERE WORKER_ID <= (SELECT count(WORKER_ID)/2 from Worker);

What is the correct meaning of the given SQL Query?

Question 5

Consider a file of 8192 records. Each record is 4bytes long and its key field is of size 6 bytes. The file is ordered on a key field, and the file organization is unspanned. The file is stored in a file system with block size is 512 bytes, and the size of a block pointer is 10bytes. If the primary index is built on the key field of the file, and a multilevel index scheme is used to store the primary index, the number of second level blocks in the multilevel index are-

Question 6

If the following sequence of keys is inserted into an empty B+tree of order 4 then the search key value 31 will be placed at what level(Assume root node at level 0)? 2,3,5,11,19,23,29,31

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