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Question 1

Consider a computer system which required 256K x 16 bytes of a memory chip. How many rows and columns of 64 Kb memory chips are required to satisfy the above system memory requirement?

Question 2

Multilevel cache design is used in the computer system to reduce the miss penalty so, consider the following architecture-

10 Memory reference L1-4 misses L2- 2 misses Final level of memory

What will be the GMR, global miss rate and LMR, local miss rate of level 2 cache L2?

Question 3

Consider a 4-way set associative cache (initially empty) with total 16 cache blocks. The main memory consists of 256 blocks and the request for memory blocks is in the following order: 0, 255, 1, 4, 3, 8, 133, 159, 216, 129, 63, 8, 4 , 0 48, Find the number of blocks that will be uncommon in cache when we use FIFO replacement policy and when we use LRU replacement policy __________ ?

Question 4

A system employs 10 stage instruction pipelines in which 5% instruction results in data dependency, 10% instruction results in control dependency, 2% instructions results in structural dependency. 10% instructions are exposed to data and control dependencies. If the penalty for structural dependency is 1 clock and the penalty for control dependency and data dependency are 3 clocks and 2 clocks respectively. The average instruction time is ________. [in cycles]

Question 5

The speed gained by an ‘n’ segment pipeline executing ‘m’ tasks is

Question 6

If following instruction is executed on a system having big endian mechanism implemented.

mov AX, [2000]

where AX is destination register of 16 bits, and memory locations [1999], [2000] and [2001] contain 20, 24 and 12 respectively. What does the AX register contain at the end of this instruction?

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