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Question 1

As per IRC: 67–2001, a traffic sign indicating the Speed Limit on a road should be of

Question 2

In signal design as per Indian Roads Congress specifications, if the sum of the ratios of normal flows to saturation flow of two directional traffic flow is 0.50 and the total lost time  is 10 seconds, the optimum cycle length in seconds is

Question 3

It was observed that 150 vehicles crossed a particular location of a highway in a duration of 30 minutes. Assuming that vehicle arrival follows a negative exponential distribution, find out the number of time head ways greater than 5 seconds in the above observation?_________

Question 4

For designing a 2-phase fixed type signal at an intersection having North-South and East – West road where only straight ahead traffic is permitted, the following data is available.
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Total time lost  is 12 seconds. The cycle length (seconds) as per Webster's approach is

Question 5

A driver travelling at a speed of 60 kmph sighted crossing intersection. Calculate the amber time in seconds using the following information. Reaction time is 1.5 second, Width of road is 14 m and length of vehicle is 4.8 m and acceleration is 2.7 m/s2.

Question 6

For a traffic speed density relationship is given as V = 42-0.2k, V in kmph, k is traffic density in vehicle/km. Calculate the space headway in meter corresponding to maximum flow condition.
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