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GATE (CE) : Transportation Engineering & Surveying #2

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Question 1

The length of Summit Curve on a two-lane two-way highway depends upon

Question 2

The coefficient of friction in the longitudinal direction of a highway is estimated as 0.396. The braking distance for a car moving at a speed of 65 km/hr is

Question 3

The design speed on a road is 60kmph. Assuming the driver reaction time of 2.5 seconds and coefficient of friction of pavement surface as 0.35 the required stopped distance for two-way traffic on a single lane road is

Question 4

A crest vertical cruve joins two gradients of +3% and –2% for a design speed of 80 km/h and the corresponding stopping sight distance of 120m. The height of driver’s eye and the object above the road surface are 1.20 m and 0.15 m respectively. The curve length to be provided is

Question 5

If ruling gradient is 1 in 25, then the compensated grade for a curve of radius 100 m is 1 in ___________.

Question 6

The design speed for a National Highway is 100 kmph. If the maximum permissible super elevation is 0.10 and the coefficient of lateral friction is 0.15, the ruling minimum radius of horizontal curve on the highway should be
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