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GATE CE: Structural Analysis Champion Quiz 3

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Question 1

For the plane truss shown in the figure, the number of zero force members for the given loading is
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Question 2

The kinematic indeterminacy of the frame is

Question 3

Linear arch is one which represents

Question 4

As per IS 800:2007, the cross–section in which the extreme fiber can reach the yield stress, but cannot develop the plastic moment of resistance due to failure by local buckling is classified as

Question 5

All members of the frame shown below have the same flexural rigidity EI and length L. If a moment M is applied at Joint B. the rotation of the Joint is
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Question 6

Consider the beam ABCD and the influence line as Shown below. The influence line pertains to

Question 7

For a beam of cross–section, width = 230 mm and effective depth = 500 mm, the number of rebars of 12 mm diameter required to satisfy minimum tension reinforcement requirement specified by IS : 456–2000 (assuming grade of steel reinforcement as Fe 500) is _______

Question 8

A rigid bar GH of length L is supported by a hinge and a spring of stiffness K as shown in the figure below. The buckling load, PCr, for the bar will be

Question 9

What is the total degree of satatic indeterminacy (both internal and external) of the cantilever plane truss shown in the figure below?

Question 10

A suspension bridge with a two-hinged stifferning grider is statically
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