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GATE CE : Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering- Rapid Quiz 2

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Question 1

If the coefficient of permeability is double and the coefficient of volume compressibility in simultaneously halved, the coefficient of consolidation

Question 2

A line load of infinite length has an intensity q per unit length. What is the vertical stress at a depth z below the earth at the centre of the load?

Question 3

If the coefficient of active earth pressure is 1/3, then what is the value of the coefficient of pressive earth pressure?

Question 4

In a consolidation test void ratio decreased from 0.80 to 0.70 when the effective stress was changed form 40 kN/m2 to 80 kN/m2. What is the compression index?

Question 5

A sand deposit has a porosity of 0.3 and its specific gravity is 2.5. The critical hydraulic gradient to cause sand boiling in the stratum will be

Question 6

A spherical naphthalene ball exposed to the atmosphere loses volume at a rate proportional to its instantaneous surface area due to evaporation. If the initial diameter of the ball is 2 cm and the diameter reduces to 1 cm after 3 months, the ball completely evaporates in

Question 7

The water content of a saturated soil and the specific gravity of soil solids were found to be 30% and 2.70, respectively. Assuming the unit weight of water to be l0kN / m\ the saturated unit weight (kN/m3), and the void ratio of the soil are

Question 8

Steady-state seepage is taking place through a soil element at Q, 2 m below the ground surface immediately downstream of the toe of an earthen dam as shown in the sketch. The water level in a piezometer installed at P, 500 mm above Q, is at the ground surface. The water level in a piezometer installed at R, 500 mm below Q, is 100 mm above the ground surface. The bulk saturated unit weight of the soil is 18 kN/m3 and the unit weight of water is 9.81 kN/m3.
The vertical effective stress (in kPa) at Q is

Question 9

Identical surcharges are placed at ground surface at sites X and Y, with soil conditions shown alongside and water table at ground surface. The silty clay layers at X and Y are identical. The thin sand layer at Y is continuous and free–draining with a very large discharge capacity. If primary consolidation at X is estimated to complete in 36 months, what would be the corresponding time for completion of primary consolidation at Y?

Question 10

Laplace equation for water flow in soils is given below:
Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\Civil-Engineering-2013_files\image083.png
Head H does not vary in y and z directions.
Boundary conditions are: at x = 0, H = 5; and Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\Civil-Engineering-2013_files\image084.png
What is the value of H at x = 1.2? ______
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