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Question 1

The ratio of vertical reactions at support A and B of the simply supported beam in the figure shown below is .

Question 2

For an isotropic material, the relationship between Young’s Modulus(E), Shear Modulus(G), and Poisson’s ratio () is given by

Question 3

A beam ABC shown in given figure is horizontal. The distance to the point of contraflexure from the fixed end A is ________ m. (Take final moment reaction at A is 1 kN-m as shown in figure)
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Question 4Multiple Correct Options

A bar AB of length 8m and diameter 100mm is fixed rigidity. Torque 1000 N-m applied at 3m from A. The fixing couple at A and B are

Question 5

Two identical wooden beams of same cross section are joined together rigidly to form a composite beam. The ratio of moment of inertia of the soldered beam to the moment of inertia when beams are simply placed on each other without soldering is

Question 6

An 8 m long simply-supported elastic beam of rectangular cross-section is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of 10 kN/m over its entire span. The maximum principal stress (in MPa, up to two decimal places) at a point located at the extreme compression edge of a cross-section and at 2 m from the support is ____________.
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