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GATE 2024 Design of Concrete Structures Foundation Quiz 85

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

A structure faces extreme condition assuming it is a plain cement concrete choose correct option

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

For a concrete data is given below

Tangent modulus of elasticity = 3000 N/mm2

Secant modulus of elasticity = 1250 N/mm2

The correct statement(s) is/are

Question 3

Using mix design procedure for desired concrete mix, proportions have been obtained as 1:2:3.6 by mass with water cement ratio as 0.5 and air content is 5%. Calculate the value of sand in kg for 1 m3 of concrete. Specific gravity of cement, sand and CA is 3.15, 2.65 and 2.7 respectively.

Question 4

A singly reinforced rectangular beam has a width of 200 mm and an effective depth of 350 mm. The limiting value of the moment of resistance of the beam is _________ kN-m.
[Take M20 grade concrete and Fe415 grade steel and adopt the stress block for concrete as given in IS 456: 2000]

Question 5

According to the concept of Limit State Design as per IS456: 2000, the probability of failure of a structure is __________.
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