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GATE 2023 Structure Analysis Quiz 43

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Question 1

The influence line diagram for reaction at a support of simply supported beam is:

Question 2

When a uniformly distributed load longer than the span of girder moves form left to right, then the maximum bending moment at mid–section of span occurs when the uniformly distributed load occupies:

Question 3

For the beam given below:

A point load of 10 kN moves on the beam the maximum negative bending moment at section D is ___ kN-m.

Question 4

Consider the beam below

The value of influence for shear force (VC)

Question 5

In the three-hinged arch shown above, what is the influence line diagram for bending moment at a point C?

Question 6

Find the maximum reaction developed at B when a UDL of 5 kN/m of span 6m is moving towards right in the beam shown below (in kN)

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