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GATE 2023 Structure Analysis Champion Quiz 9

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Question 1

The flexibility matrix of the following structure is a scalar multiple of

Question 2

The maximum bending moment due to single moving point load on a simply supported beam occurs at

Question 3

Kinematic indeterminacy of the structural thrown in the figure is ? (members inextensible)

Question 4

Which of the following measures are relevantly considered for earthquake loading and lateral stability of tall buildings?

1. Minimizing gravity loads

2. Adding masses at floor levels

3. Ensuring ductility at the locations of maximum moments

4. Providing shear walls

5. Providing basement

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

Question 5

Match list-I with list-II with respect to the diagram given below and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:


Question 6

The shear Equation for the frame shown is ?

Question 7

Moment at A is ? Assume EI as constant.

Question 8

A three hinged arch is 6 m high and 18 m long. The supports are at same level. Arch is subjected to a  load of 5 kN/m throughout on left side as shown in figure. The ratio of reaction (horizontal to vertical) at left support will be _____. (Round off to 1 decimal place)

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