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GATE 2023 Strength of Materials Quiz 31

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Question 1

A solid circular shaft has a uniform diameter of 0.0508 m and length is 3.048 m long. At its midpoint, 65 hp is delivered to the shaft by means of a belt passing over a pulley. This power is used to drive two machines, one at the left end of the shaft consuming 25 hp and one at the right end consuming 40 hp. The shaft turns at 200 rev/min, then the maximum shear stress developed in the shaft is ________ Mpa.
[Take G = 82.74 GPa and assume elastic action]

Question 2

Match the items of list – _ and List – II for the Mohr’s circle shown below using the codes given below the lists:

P - Q - R - S

Question 3

If the principle stresses in a two-dimensional case are -10MPa and 20MPa respectively, then maximum shear stress at the point is

Question 4

The state of stress of an element is given as follows.
The value of normal stress are , and major principal stress .Then the value of shear stress is.

Question 5

In a two dimensional stress analysis, the state of stress at a point is shown below. If the principal stresses on planes AB and BC are given as 120 MPa and 70 MPa respectively, then the ratio of the magnitude of normal stress to the shear stress at plane AC is _______.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

A body is subjected to stresses of 200 N/mm2(T) and 800 N/mm2(T) in two perpendicular direction along with shear stress of 400N/mm2.Which of the following statements are correct.
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