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GATE 2023 Signals & Systems Champion Quiz 5

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Question 1

Let x(t) be a signal, and its spectrum is defined as X(ω). Then the Fourier spectrum of differentiated signal will be

Question 2

The inverse Fourier transform of is

Question 3

What is the energy of a signal whose Fourier transform is given below?

Question 4

For which of the following function Fourier transform does not exist?

Question 5

x(t) and X(ω) forms a Fourier transform pair. If X(ω) is given by ,

Then energy of the signal x(t) will be _______unit.

Question 6

Find the value of A and B for signal, , such that  and  is

Question 7

The magnitude spectrum and phase spectrum of a signal x(t) is given as

Then find the signal x(t)

Question 8

The Hilbert Transform of the following function is given by
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