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GATE 2023 Railway & airport Rank Booster Quiz 42

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Question 1

The orientation of preferential runway in an airport is influenced by

Question 2

The appropriate design length of a clearway is calculated on the basis of 'Normal Take-off condition. Which one of the following options correctly depicts the length of the clearway? (Note: None of the options are drawn to scale)

Question 3

Consider the following aircraft operations

1) Normal landing

2) Normal take off with all engines

3) Engine failure at take off

4) Emergency engines with all engines shut

5) Landing with maximum payload with the help of ILS

Which of the above aircraft operations are taken into consideration in deciding the basic runway length for an aircraft?

Question 4

In the layout of an MG track, the versine of a horizontal circular curve is measured over a 17 m chord length. What would be the value of the versine of curve? (Degree of curve is 2)

Question 5

To provide a cant in rails, wooden sleepers are cut to a slope at rail seat, which is known as:

Question 6

A transition curve is to be provided for a circular railway curve 236 m radius. The gauge is 12m with the maximum superelevation restricted 20 cm. what is the length of the transition curve for balancing the centrifugal force?

Question 7

If design velocity on the curve is 80 kmph then the design super elevation on a 3 degree horizontal curve for narrow gauge track
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