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GATE 2023 Power Systems Quiz 50

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Question 1

Two power plants are connected by a transmission line. The entire load is connected at plant Plant 1 is supplying 150 MW of power and a transmission loss of 10 MW. The incremental fuel cost of plant 2 is


For minimum value of total fuel cost, the generated power at plant 2 in MW is

Question 2

Two plants generate power as given below and . If the loss coefficients of the two plants are given as , the power lost will be ………………

Question 3

A power system consisting of 2 generating plants G1 and G2. The incremental cost fuel cost in Rs/MWh is


For minimum cost of generation for total load of 700 MW is What will be the Values of P1 and P2?

Question 4

Incremental fuel cost in Rs/MWh for a plant consisting two generating units G1 and G2 is

Where, P1 and P­2 are the generation in MW of G1 and G­2 respectively. If system is operating at economic dispatch with P1 = P2 = 180 MW and  where, PL is the transmission loss, then the penalty factor of G1 will be__________?

Question 5

In a simple two unit system, the loss coefficients are . The incremental cost of two units is:

The power generations of for  (Lagrange Multiplier) is_____?

Question 6

Consider incremental cost of two power plants:

and .

Penalty factor of plant 1 is _________ if P1 = P2 = 100MW for optimum scheduling and .

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