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GATE 2023 Power Systems Quiz 42

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Question 1

Consider a step voltage wave of magnitude 1p.u travelling along a lossless transmission line that terminates in a reactor. The voltage magnitude across the reactor at the instant the travelling wave reaches the reactor is

Question 2

The time take by a surge to travel to the end of 1200 km long overhead transmission line is ______?

Question 3

Which of the following is the nature of surge impedance in a transmission line?

Question 4

The generalised circuit constants of a 121 kV line are –

A = D= 0.96 0.5°

B = 80.0 75° Ω

C = 4 × 10-3 90° mho

What is surge impedance |Zs| of line is?

Question 5

For a Long transmission line, a single circuit 50 Hz, 3 phase transmission line has the following parameter per km, R=0.1 Ω, L= 0.8 mH, C=0.01 µF. The voltage at receiving end is 11 kV. The incidence voltage to neutral at the receiving end with the line is open at receiving end is_____?

Question 6

If a line of surge impedance Z0 is terminated in an impedance Z then the reflection for current and voltage surges at the termination are given respectively by
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